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FLS is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that has been around for twenty years. It provides powerful tools that enable you to mix, edit, and compose your music.

3 Select FL Studio as destination service. 4 Enjoy a cup of tea while MusConv works for you 😉 Once finished, your playlists and songs will be available on FL Studio. Move From Youtube to FL Studio – Video Tutorial. Alternative method to transfer playlists and tracks from Youtube to FL Studio: Select source service as Youtube. FL Studio is not limited to pattern-based sequencing, you can also enter an unused Pattern Clip into the Playlist and play song-length data (patterns). Thus, FL Studio has the flexibility of being either a 'track-based' sequencer, a 'pattern-based' sequencer, or a combination of the two. Unable to drag audio files into FL Studio. Check your User data folder settings are correct. If you see a restricted (no-sign) icon when attempting to drag and drop an audio file into FL Studio from Windows generally indicates you're running FL Studio with Administrative privileges. Discover how to Install and Use Plugins and VSTs with FL Studio. First, you should create a new folder on your hard drive where you’ll place all your new plugins (native plugins of FL will remain in the FL Studio folders). This will save you some time having to move the folder with each new version of FL you’ll install.

Start from the bottom

FL Studio is used by many of the world's top DJs to produce the highest quality music.

The way FL Studio is set up is ideal for beginners to wrap their heads around. DAWs tend to be complex, like Logic Pro X. Studio also beats out Logic because it is available for Windows and Mac.

FL comes with included VSTs and synthesisers, like Sytrus. There are plenty of useful instruments and effects, but FL is extendable with other instruments.

How To Download Beats Into Fl Studio

When you take a look at the interface, it is well structured and modern looking. Ableton, one of their competitors, does stand out with better UI. While it is not a virus, FL tends to crash at important moments, like making a new VST.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this on Windows 8 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Of all the other DAWs available, Ableton is the only good alternative to FL. It stands apart with better UI and easier navigation as a result. However, FL gives you better value at its price.

Our take

It is worth buying FL Studio if you are making music, whether you are a beginner or advanced. The purchasing options are good and tailor made for everyone, and the design is sleek. The only drawback of this DAW is the tendency to crash.

Should you download it?

Yes, it is an excellent DAW for the features provided.

Below we’ll explain how to load ARCADE in common DAWs. Before doing this, please make sure you’ve downloaded and installed ARCADE as described here.

Ableton Live

1. Open up your Ableton Live project

2. Live will automatically run a scan for new plug-ins. If it doesn’t, see below on how to manually re-scan

3. Go to Categories > Plug-ins

4. Load the Arcade plug-in by double-clicking it or by dragging it onto a new MIDI track in your Live session.

For PC, you can find Arcade in the ‘VST’ section. If you’re on a Mac, you can find the .au version of Arcade in the Audio Units > Output section.

This is all you’ll need in order to get set up with Arcade in Live!

If you’re unable to find Arcade in Live after following the steps above, it may be the case that you need to change some settings.

Open up the Options > Preferences > File Folder window, and make sure “Use Audio Units” (Mac only) and “Use VST Plugin-In System Folders” (Mac and PC) are turned on.

Once you’ve done this, please run a re-scan by following these steps:

1. Click Options
2. Open ‘Preferences’
3. In the Preferences window, click on “File Folder” then click “Rescan”.

Once the scan is complete, please follow the steps for loading the plug-in and you should be all set!

FL Studio

1. Open up your FL Studio project

2. Go to Plugin database on the left-hand sidebar

3. Go to ‘Installed’

4. Go to ‘Generators’

5. Go to VST3 or AudioUnit (Mac only)

6. Drag Arcade [64bit] onto an empty channel


1. Open up your Bitwig project

2. In the browser on the right-hand side, locate “ARCADE” in your Devices list.

3. Double-click ARCADE to open it.

Double-clicking ARCADE will automatically create a track for the device if not currently selected.

Studio One 4

1. Open up your new Studio One 4 project

2. In the browser on the right-hand side, locate “ARCADE” under Output in your Instruments list

3. Double-click ARCADE and drag the plugin to the left corner


1. Open up your Logic project

2. Create a new Software Instrument track (Opt+CMD+S)

3. Locate the instrument slot on the new channel strip

4. Click the instrument slot then navigate down to AU Instruments > Output > Arcade

5. Click on Arcade to open the instrument


1. Open up your Cubase project

2. Go to Project > Add Track > Instrument (Right-Hand Click)

3. In the Instruments list, navigate down to ‘Synth’, locate ‘Arcade’ and click ‘Add Track’.


1. Open up your GarageBand project

2. Go to ‘Track’ from the GarageBand menu and select ‘New Track’ or click (+) on the left-hand side.

3. Pick the ‘Software Instrument’ option on the left-hand side and click ‘Create’

4. Turn on the Smart Controls button to open the Smart Controls window at the bottom of GarageBand if it is not already open

5. In the ‘Plug-ins’ section of the Smart Controls window click on the dropdown menu. GarageBand automatically has the * Classic Electric Piano selected by default

How To Download Beats Into Fl Studio 12

6. Navigate to AU Instruments > Output > Arcade and click on ‘Stereo’ to load ARCADE

Pro Tools

1. Open up your Pro Tools project

2. Go to Track, press ‘New…’ and create a new Stereo Instrument Track (Shift+CMD+N)

3. Insert a Multichannel Plug-In and navigate down to Output > Arcade

4. Click on Arcade to open the instrument


1. Open up your Maschine project.

2. In the left-hand side Sound section, click (+) under 'Sound'.

Free Beat Download Fl Studio

3. Scroll down past the factory Instruments to the ‘Output’ section and select Arcade (AU or VST).

4. Double-click on the icon labeled ‘Arcade’ or click the arrow right next to 'Sound'.


1. Open up your Reason project

2. In the left-hand side Browser section, select Instruments

Free Beats For Fl Studio

3. Scroll down past the factory Instruments to the ‘Output’ section. Note: You can also type ‘arcade’ in the search bar to be directed to the Arcade VST

Beats For Fl Studio 20

4. Double-click on the ‘VST Plugin’ icon labeled with ‘Arcade’ or drag it into an available rack space to the right-hand side of the Browser