How To Do Free Tempo In Fl Studio

FL Studio is full of neat little features to help make your sequences sound cool. One of such is the Swing -tool in the Step Sequencer (or groove templates in Piano Roll Quantizer).

  1. Fl Studio Tempo Automation
  2. Fl Studio Tempo Resetting

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to easily make your beats and synth/basslines swing using the aforementioned features.

Fl Studio Tempo Automation

Set the Editor target to Volume. Set the Articulator part to Pattern envelope. Enable envelope by clicking that little box at the bottom of the plugin. Click Tempo to enable tempo based time. Click on the Options (that little arrow icon at the bottom of the plugin), and select Create sequence from the pop up list box.

How To Do Free Tempo In Fl Studio

In the Step Sequencer, there’s a Swing -slider. Just adjust it to right to add swing to the sequences you have in Step Sequencer. I’ve found that values from 30% to 50% gives a nice swing to rhythm:

In Piano Roll, there’s a Quantizer tool. Press ALT+Q to open it and load a groove template (16_machine swing.fsc is nice for swing) and adjust the ‘Start Time’ for more/less swing:

That’s it – easy and effective! Now go and make some groovy music 🙂

Fl Studio Tempo Resetting

Watch the video below: