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Free Dubstep Samples. Browse our collection of free Dubstep samples and Dubstep loops, Dubstep sample packs, drum loops, wobble basslines and sub basses. All free Dubstep samples are available to download 100% royalty free for use in your music production or sound design project. Mood Genre Instrument Format.

Dive into the professional project files and download the samples now to level up your music!

  • Get the Pack here: This is a demo song showing off the power of some of the Sytrus.
  • ProducerSpot has released the first sound pack for free download ‘ Dubstep One Hits Free Drum Kit ‘ a perfect sound pack to start your dubstep production. This pack is created in collaboration with Hex Loops who provide us the sounds to make this free dubstep drum kit.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how professional music was created in FL Studio, then you need to download this starter pack!

It not only includes 200 professional samples and loops to help you enhance your tracks, but it also comes with 3 complete project files!

And just by dissecting these project files, you’ll be cutting years off your learning curve!

That’s because you’ll be able to learn about the entire process a professional producer goes through when creating a track.

Dive in to learn all about their songwriting techniques, how they design sounds, their mixing process, and even how they organize their track!

Then apply all the tactics you’ve learned into your own production to level up your tracks!

The best part is, you can download all 200 samples and loops and the 3 professional project files for free right now!

Take advantage of this and download the FL Studio Starter Pack today!

Included in this pack:

200 Samples & Loops

3 FL Studio Project Files

Below is a list of Free Dubstep Sample Packs for you to cop.

The dubstep genre is one which has taken huge growth among the music industry in the recent years and will continue to do so in the coming years.

The Dubstep Samples and Presets in these packs will absolutely blow you away because we took the time to only list the best free packs we could find in this genre of music.

List of Dubstep Sample Packs

Antidote Audio – Free Dubstep Sample Pack
There’s a reason this is the first pack on the list. Just download it. Straight fire.

Gavatri Records
This pack sets you up with 115+ samples. A mix between a dubstep sample pack and a trap sample pack.

Qaliber – Dubstep Bass Samples
20 worthwhile samples for dubstep.

Ghosthack – Dubstep and Trap Samples
55 free samples for dubstep along with some trap samples.

SPF Samples – Rough & Raw Dubstep
Over 50 35+ perfect rough and raw samples for dubstep to throw into your next track.

Logic Cafe – Destruction Dubstep
Provides you with 400+ samples for dubstep to perfect your track.

Biome Presents – Depths of Dubstep
With this dubstep sample pack that comes with 440+ deep samples for dubstep, add something different to your latest track.

Eric Kauffmann – Xfer Serum + Sytrus Presets
Comes with 75+ free dubstep presets.

Eric Kauffmann – 60K Preset Pack
Over 250 Progressive Samples and Presets.

Platinum Loops
A sample pack which offers over 90 samples for dubstep.

W.A Production – Dubstep Pocket Collection
This pack comes with 20 serum presets as well as 10 kick samples and 20 snare samples.

ZenStep – Free Dubstep Pack
Consists of a variety of samples for dubstep for use on your next project.

Sample Radar
With this free SampleRadar sample pack, you are given access to 342 samples for dubstep.

Dubstep Subversion
Gain access to over 75 heavy samples for dubstep.


Ghosthack – Ultimate Dubstep Starter Kit
Comes with 100 samples for dubstep to get you started.

Stayonbeat – Loop Pack
A variety of dubstep loop samples.

Get the Best Dubstep Samples

Each of the sample pack that we looked at today are free and available to everyone, providing you with the same opportunities as other producers. This genre of music is one which attracts different types of production styles all around (from Hybrid Dubstep, Brostep, etc,) makes this one of our most requested genres.

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The Dubstep genre has been around for a while now, as early as the 90s, although has drastically grown in recent years due to artists such as Skrillex (of course), and a few other key players. In the past, Dubstep has remained a minor genre within the music industry although each of these artists have contributed to the growth and evolution of this genre.

Dubstep Sample Pack Fl Studio

Happy producing!

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