Error Could Not Save Mac Fl Studio

Q: I am trying to install PDF Studio 7 on my Mac Book Pro and I am getting the following error: “/Users/monty/.pdfstudio7/recentcomments. Could not create this file.: Shall I try again?”

A: To be able to save the license key and user settings and preferences, PDF Studio needs to save files under your user home directory.In this example, your user home directory is /Users/monty.PDF Studio needs to create a directory called “.pdfstudio7” and then save files under this directory. Due to your computer’s permissions settings, PDF Studio can’t do that. This happens sometimes when upgrading from an older OS to a newer one.Potential resources:
  • We also found this interesting link on cnet about Resetting Home Folder Permissions on Mac.
  • For Mac OSX Lion, repairing permissions from the Disk Utility app doesn’t repair the users file permissions as explained in this post on osxdaily.
  • There is also a free app called Batchmodto adjust permissions on a Mac through a simple interface (we have not tried this but it was recommended on an discussions forum on apple.com).
Error Could Not Save Mac Fl Studio

However Movie Studio and Vegas Pro may have done an auto-save of your project file, which can be recovered and re-saved if you're lucky. Auto-saved project files are saved to the Temporary Files Cache, so it is important to first inspect this folder before your do a full program reset and delete of the cache.

If the above suggestions do not work, contact Apple to resolve this issue as this is a setup problem on your Mac. Every user should have permission to write to their user directory.

Error Could Not Save Mac Fl Studio

Fl Studio Error Could Not Save

Repair permissions with Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility -> selecting the hard disk and selecting First Aid, and clicking repair permissions.
After doing that, uninstall DeJa Vu and get Shirt Pocket Superduper. I find it is much better at backing up than anything else I've tried. If it experiences an error backing up, then the problem may be with one of the drives or the cables in question. It could be a directory issue which only Alsoft Disk Warrior can fix. Try to keep your hard drive more than 15% empty. That's an arbitrary amount that seems to keep Mac OS X happier.
Only clone your data from an account which has no active running applications. That will avoid errors when backing up.

Could Not Save To The File Fl Studio 20 Mac

Feb 28, 2007 8:27 AM