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Trying to find free trap drum kits these days is easy.

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But a majority of those free drum kits are recycled and renamed copies of the same samples that have been passed around for years.

The sheer amount of free sample packs and drum kits out there can make it a chore to download every pack only to find 3-4 samples you actually want to use.

Compatible with FL Studio, Ableton, Maschine and more. This Free Trap Melodies loop kit is compatible with all today’s DAW and samplers. Including FL Studio, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Maschine, Studio One, Reason, Akai MPC, Garage Band, Reaper, Bitwig Studio, and any other DAW or sampler that is capable of loading WAV files. Free to download and free to use in your beats. This drum sample pack includes 132 MB of 74 bongos, 138 congas, 10 cymbals, 143 kicks, 28 sticks and rims and 48 shakers. In total this pack includes 441 wav 24 bit one shots sounds. Free Download Tribal Drums. Like Our Facebook Page to get more free packs! Free Sample Packs 2020: Comprehensive Packs. Black Octopus Ultimate 2.5 GB Collection.

So to save you time wasted digging through folders, we’ve put together a list of 7 free trap drum kits.

All with carefully selected, exclusive drum samples. So that every sample is guaranteed to be high quality, unique and ready to fit right into any mix.

Oracle is a three-part free trap sample pack that includes one of the best free 808 drum kits out there. And maybe the only collection of free 808s you really need. This isn’t your typical drum kit filled with the same old and recycled 808s that you’ll find in countless other packs.

  • 34 premium 808s
  • 100 Midi Files
  • 100+ trap melody loops and stems

Get the Oracle 808 Collection HERE.

One of the largest free trap drum kits there is. Cobra includes nearly 100 drum one shots, free drum loops, hi hat loops, percussion loops, and top line loops so you have full control over creating your own unique drum sequences. Cobra also has a huge library of royalty free melody loops for you to sample.

  • 17 free trap drum loops
  • 12 kick one shots
  • 17 percussion loops
  • 27 snare one shots
  • 15 top drum loops
  • 26 percussion one shots
  • 6 hi hat loops
  • 40+ hi hats & cymbals
  • 100+ melody loops & midi
  • 14 hi hat midi patterns

Get the Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.

This free trap drum kit was inspired by the sound of Atlanta artists like Lil Baby, Gunna and Young Thug. The Drip free trap drum kit is a prestine collection of out the box, hard hitting, trap drum samples.

  • 12 trap drum loops
  • 9 free 808s
  • 10 hi hat loops
  • 10 kicks
  • 8 top drum loops
  • 11 snares

Get the Drip Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.

Inspired by the 808 Mafia, the “808 Mob” free trap drum kit is a memorable collection of drums, melody loops, 808s, MIDI files, and Serum presets.

You’ll also find familiar FX and Foley sounds that 808 Mafia producers have been known to utilize in their most successful beats - such as alarms, sirens, and other unique samples. This pack is a must-have for any Hip Hop producer looking to capture the premium, trap sound that 808 Mafia has pioneered.

  • 17 free 808s
  • 17 free trap melody loops
  • 16 Free Trap Drum Loops
  • 16 free Midi Files
  • 18 hi hats & cymbals
  • 13 free serum presets
  • 13 FX & Foley
  • 5 Kicks
  • 8 Claps
  • 8 Snares
Drum Kit Packs Fl Studio Free

Get the 808 Mob Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.

If you’re trying to make Drake type beats or beats in the style of producers like 40 and boi1da, this free trap drum kit will be what you need. You’ll also find MIDI files and Serum Presets in this pack that you can study and reverse engineer to understand how Drake and his team of writers and producers craft catchy hooks and high quality sounds.

Drum Kit Packs Fl Studio Free Trial

  • 21 drum loops
  • 8 free trap melody loops
  • 39 drum one shots
  • 10 midi files
  • 7 free trap 808s
  • 11 free serum presets
  • 8 FX

Get the 9God Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.

85 amazing samples & loops that were heavily inspired by Travis Scott's triple-platinum album “Astroworld”. “Astro” is the perfect drum kit for learning exactly how Travis Scott songs are produced and processed.

Drum Kit Packs Fl Studio Free Download

  • 19 trap drum loops
  • 10 free trap melody loops
  • 40 trap drum one shots
  • 9 FX
  • 7 free 808s

Get the Astro Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.

Inspired by one of the most iconic rappers of this generation, Kendrick Lamar, the Humble trap drum kit encapsulates the sound of his last 4 albums into one collection. Kendricks eccentric production and wide variety of hip hop styles makes this kit a multi faceted pack for any style of hip hop.

Drum Kit Packs Fl Studio Free Vst

  • 24 drum loops
  • 7 free 808s
  • 23 drum one shots
  • 9 Melody Loops
  • 6 FX

Get the Humble Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.

Diamonds I & II

If you liked any of the free trap drum kits above, it's going to be worth it to look into these two packs. Each one contains over 300+ samples including full drum loops, hi hat loops, melody loops, one shots, ambient FX, vocals, hi hat midi files and melody midi files. Combined they form a top tier hip hop production suite that could be used to make albums in any hip hop style


Get the Diamonds Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.

Drum Kit Packs Fl Studio Free Shipping

Get Diamonds II Hip Hop Sample Pack HERE.