Download Hardstyle Kicks Fl Studio 10

Because creativity outweighs boundaries and it takes more than a good kick to create a great track. This is for hardstyle!


Comment by yung_lumos

This includes: 10 Progressive Kicks, 10 Hardstyle Kicks, 10 Clubby Kicks, 10 Snares, 10 Claps, 10 Big Room Snares, 10 Big Room Claps, 10 Hihats, 10 Rides, 10 Shakers, 16 Loops, 5 White Noise FX, 5 Impact FX, 5 Crash FX, 5 Tambourines, 5 Atmospheres, 5 Reverse FX, 4 Forever Risers, 5 Construction Kits. Free Progressive House Loops by NewLoops.

Sounds cool , btw i have found some similar hs kicks https://www.lucidsamples.com/sound-effects-packs/29-hardstyle-fx.html

  1. Download 50+ best FREE sample packs - sorted by genre. FL Studio, Logic Pro, etc.? 10 Progressive Kicks, 10 Hardstyle Kicks, 10 Clubby Kicks, 10 Snares, 10.
  2. Hardstyle Force Sample Pack comes with everything you need to make beastly beats similar to the likes of Sub Zero Project, E-Force and others. Expect to find a ton of highly usable one shot drum and sound samples such as overdriven kicks, gated kicks, snares, hats, percussion, Nord leads and vocals.

Comment by Ray Orband

@clair-james: Love this ;)

Comment by Ilhan Kalkan

love u

Comment by Zaitch

Very nice kick! Thanks a lot!

Comment by Angrydog

Hardstyle kick serum

gracias mamaguevo

Comment by Luffy

Thank you<3

Comment by ROTO

thank you for this

Comment by Michiel Baltus

Thanks for the kick, I was having trouble making my own. This is what I made with it: https://soundcloud.com/baltussaur/04-four

Comment by Odd Marius Falk

Great kick!

Comment by Vorward

Used it in my new Track! Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/vorward/vorward-thermic-original-mix

Comment by Killer Profile

dank je wel voor de kick, tracky van gemaakt https://soundcloud.com/the-bishop-88/suffer-en-hurt

Comment by Magun

very nice

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Comment by niko-qée

@reeqon: Well said! I use it in my newer tracks cuz my own kicks aren't good yet, and as @Frontliner said; there's much more in a hardstyle track than just the kick. This kick is very good for practising. And as you said, good for analyzing. I'm still learning and this helps me a lot. But I still don't get how to make samples you can pitch in Piano roll, if u know what I mean. Like in frontliners kick u can set main tone to f# but my own kick samples it doesn't pitch when I edit the main tone. I checked out your profil, nice stuff, keep up the good work.

Comment by Saken

thank you!

Comment by mioxoim

thanks man

Comment by FSB

Thanks :D

Comment by Mikey Heath

What a nice thng to do :)

Comment by Xenon

Youremy hero !

Comment by ΛLCH

love you bro

Comment by Jesse Tönnessen

awesume track bro

Comment by Bamn

yeeeah love it sampler

Comment by Wouter Bakker

Thanks going to use it!!

Comment by Sven Engelen

Thx i use this in my project in fl!

Comment by Euphoricz

I made a remix of Sunblast using this kick HERE: https://soundcloud.com/curtisbrwong/sunblast-cbwong-remix-frontliner-frontliner-f-kick-sample-test

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Comment by Supervisorz

many thanks!

Comment by ShaunyP

Free Hardstyle Pack

mad shit

Comment by Reeqon

this might seem wrong in many peoples eyes and is wrong in those peoples eyes that think that he's giving this away so people can use it and claim that it's their own. Though, this is good for serious producers to practice and learn from. Analyze the waveform, look how the lows and tail looks like. Do not take this kick and think that you'll be anymore respected by using a 'good kick' people will know it's this kick, learn from it make your own kick. Analyze, pitch, practice hard and you'll be able to make kicks like this.

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Download Hardstyle Kicks Fl Studio 10 Free

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Download Hardstyle Kicks Fl Studio 10 Download

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