As of two thousand thirteen, twenty short films have been made and counting. Only fourteen have been published.

In World War I, rookie British soldier William (James Downie) finds himself trapped in a dugout with an enemy German soldier, Karl (Julian Michael Deuster). This situation will give them an opportunity to look past their differences and rediscover their humanity.
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At 'FORTVNA Inc.' everyone is part of the team, everyone is one big family. Or at least, that's what PAUL, a FORTVNA employee, thinks. His hopes will soon be crushed by his prejudiced boss. This is a story about injustice, powerlessness and friendship.
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A time-lapse of a newly-wed couple, from the beginning of their relationship, moving into a new house, having kids, until their deaths. 
A man is thought to be the only survivor, after an apocalyptic zombie attack.
Neon-noir. A futuristic Los Angeles or Paris in the 1980's. Maybe, even 21st century Hong Kong. A man, a girl and a boy, are all after one thing; the money. Unknown to the boy and the girl, they both work for the man, and have the same set of instructions. However, there can only be one who succeeds. 
3rd AC 
A corrupt cop, Detective Webb is brought to justice after the murder of his partner, Private Investigator Owen Taylor. 
Freedom is the feeling one gets, from using 'Freedom' toilet paper. This is the commercial for 'Freedom' toilet paper.
A young man is haunted by his cycling accident. He is forced to get back onto his bike, a race against time to save his relationship. 
The story of Tim overcoming his fears and doubts to becoming the hero.
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One studious student finds herself in a situation, her only option is to run. 
Horror done in a realist manner, straight angles and formalist, dutch-angled way. Showing how situations can intensify with calculated decisions.
Heat is terrifying. Just how far will one go, to get what they want? When something's not easily accessible to us. We will do everything we can to get it.  In this case, how far is one willing to go, to get that long sought after tan.
No living things or inanimate objects were harm during the making of this film.
A visualisation of humans and machines living in utopian harmony and dystopian disagreement.
A short animated film. Inspired by Richard Siken a poem, the first stanza of 'Little Beast' from his book 'Crush'.
Little Beast | Crush by Richard Siken.
FRANCIS is inspired by figurative painter Francis Bacon, known for his bold, graphic and emotionally raw imagery. 
Unbeknown to anyone, Francis awakes to find himself trapped in a cupboard. With limited matches he attempts to escape this claustrophobic illusion. 
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